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Who we are

Tinda Europa S.L. is a company with a long tradition in prints


Founded in 1988, Tinda Europa S.L. is a company with extensive experience in dye-sub/transfer printing.

With the incorporation of the next generation of the Gassó family, well known in the Spanish Textile sector, we have revamped all our machinery, outfitting it with the latest technological features, with a particularly major investment in our digital plotter printing section. Today we are the leading company in our industry in the development of collections of drawings, with a Design section staffed by a large team of graphic designers, which allows us to rapidly develop any design that our customers may need.

Our production capacity has reached 20,000 meters in daily plotter paper, while our Calandra section can now transfer up to 35,000 meters per day.


On Tinda Europa we are committed to the environment

Our manufacturing system has a minimal environmental impact and does not use any aqueous media for printing. The inks with which we print paper are subject to certification as compliant with EU Regulation 1907/2006. Our dyes, meanwhile, do not contain carcinogenic inks, and are certified as satisfying the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and the INDITEX/Clear toWear standard too.


We bring you the latest fashion designs

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