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What we do

We are distinguished by our customers’ attention.

Our company has always been distinguished by its attentive customer service. We are a supplier that engages customers, as our personnel – Commercial, Design and Production – communicate  and cooperate closely with their Design and Production professionals.

All this means that we can develop customized collections, creating a supplier/customer alliance producing highly satisfactory results for all.

At the same time, we are constantly developing designs for our own collection, which we offer NON STOP to all customers, in general.

Our machinery’s advanced technology allows us to develop high-quality and high-definition drawings with all the colours required, without any limit.

We also have positioned stamping machines capable of a daily output of 15,000 garments.

In our Laminates section we have a latest-generation lamination machine featuring direct cooling, which makes possible a production capacity of up to 6,000 meters per day.

High Technology 

Our machinery allow us to develop high quality drawings and definition.

The high technology of our machinery allows us to develop high quality drawings and definition with all the colors that are required, without limit.

We also have positioned stamping machines with a daily output of 15,000 garments.

In the laminate section, we have rolling machine last generation, with direct cooling, which allows a production capacity of 6,000 meters per day.

Production process

Our products have high quality

Drawing on our design potential, we proceed with high-quality production, as we can offer our customers service satisfying their needs, whether these have to do with drawings, colour, product or urgent service.

We can work both with our own fabric bases or material owned by the customer.


We boast a prolific Design section which generates new and modern drawings daily, whether tailored for our customers or for our own collection.


With a highly efficient sample printing service, we can make two-meter samples almost instantly.

All Over

For all-over printing we have four Calandra machines, with a production capacity of 35,000 meters per day.


We have a latest-gen laminating machine with which we can laminate all sorts of metals, gold, silver, bronze, steel, black, etc.


Our Positioned Stamping section features 2 machines, with which we can stamp 15,000 garments daily.


We print on several fabrics, as dictated by fashion trends.
All kinds of circular knitted fabrics, flamé, plush, velvet, etc. Woven fabrics, georgette, jacquards, shantung, etc.